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Tough on Fridays' "Simplicity III" - Modern, Ethereal Grunge for Chill Weekend Vibes

Hitting the market this Friday [June 3, 2020], Tough On Fridays' Simplicity III will help you "grunge out and chill out" throughout the coming weekend. With old school tonalities and a vintage mixing style, this double-sided release brings ethereal, nostalgic vibes.

Though originally from Georgetown, Texas, Tough On Fridays could totally swing in the Seattle scene. "Lonely Eyes / Pines," the first track of the two to be released this week, begins with the signature 90's crunch and distortion guitar that became so iconic to the Pacific Northwest grunge era. I love the simplicity that flows through the beginning of the track as we hear guitar and vocals in a mysterious duet. This initial openness makes the bass and drums entrance that much more satisfying, as the listener waits for the tune to build and grow.

Speaking of bass and drums, I love their tones that come through in this mix. They are punchy, solid, and low. The vocals are well-embedded into the band and also boast elements of moody, scratchy grunge [in a good way]. I can hear the "rock" in the vox, and I am always, ALWAYS, a fan of that. Tough On Fridays' vocalist has power; I can hear it.

"Out of the Blue [The Deep End]" (Explicit) is more upbeat and alternative rock in nature. It contrasts well with "Lonely Eyes / Pines." "Tough On Fridays set out to please no one but themselves," which can certainly be heard in this song. The lyrics are raw, real, and genuine [but with an added element of youthfulness]. This song helps me get the feeling that Tough On Fridays' live shows are energizing-ly fun, to say the least.

What does the future hold for this all-female project? Good things, I'm sure. Even though vocalist, guitarist, and founding

member Caleigh is currently the lone musician "holding down the group," the release of Simplicity III should give Tough On Fridays a solid push forward within their career. Be sure to check it out; you won't regret it.

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