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SUNFLOWER and "Better Days"

If you're craving a bright pick-me-up during these days of social distancing, SUNFLOWER's new single "Better Days" should be your go-to remedy. The formula for a hit song is this: the listener must be able to sing the chorus after just one listening session. Does "Better Days" fill these shoes? Yes. This band is true indie soul pop, with the pop shining through in memorable lyrics and melodies.

SUNFLOWER is fairly fresh, but already sports a presentable crowd of loyal followers. Their image is an immense selling point - vintage [but not cheesy]. They bear an authentic vintage look and feel, not only in their physical appearance, but also in their photo styles, videos, and groovy logo [designed by the phenomenal Nick Potts]. SUNFLOWER does a stellar job of preserving their signature look and branding across all media; this is what assists new bands in standing out from the rest. A unified and unique image adds a vast amount of professionalism, and this is what labels are on the hunt for. I would not be the least bit surprised if SUNFLOWER got snatched up by a label in the very near future.

"Better Days" is a true feel-good tune. I can envision this played at a modern-day hippie festival, sporting good vibes, friends, and fun.

I really dig the brightness of the guitar tone. It is sunny, but not ting-y or piercing. Lawson Doyle's and Kahlia Ferguson's vocals blend beautifully and the vocal mixing is well-done [particularly in the choruses]. I like the microphones that were used, as well as the vocal effects; the vox tracks have the perfect amount of reverb thrown onto them.

I am also a fan of the amount of bass [Willow Keith] present in the "Better Days" mix. The listener does not need to struggle to hear the instrument, which is a huge plus because I really appreciate some of Keith's walk-down scales. They are a nice touch! The subtle guitar bend at 1:27 is a fun element, too. The drum tone [Sean the Dragon] is, overall, very fitting for the track.

I am incredibly curious as to what SUNFLOWER's upcoming releases will sound like. This is a "festival band" for sure. I could hear this song played alongside artists such as Mumford and Sons and Of Monsters and Men. If SUNFLOWER keeps up this writing style and image, they will have a radio hit for sure.

Band Members

Lawson Doyle - Vocals, Guitar & Keys Kahlia Ferguson - Vocals, Guitar & Keys Dan Ferguson - Lead guitar Willow Keith - Bass guitar Sean the Dragon - Drums





Instagram: @sunflowerofficialband



Alisha Peru

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