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Southbound's New Single: "Drink"

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Founded in Sydney, Australia, Southbound is a new, all-female country-rock group with a vision: "to create an act with a rocking live show that empower[s] women at the same time!"

Members include:

Missy - Vocals

Rachael - Vocals / Guitar

Sarah - Bass / Vocals

Andy - Lead Guitar

Collectively, "Missy Lancaster and Rachael Fahim boast three Australian Country #1 records, two CMC award nominations and more than seven million streams." Wow! That's some serious girl power.

Southbound's new single, "Drink," was just released on May 29. Stream and download the song HERE.

It's catchy, to say the least. The chorus is circling around in my mind, even as I sit here typing this review. The song was composed by Missy, Bruce Wallace, and David Mescon after a wild night out in Nashville. It's very radio-friendly and, considering how well their first single "Get Drunk On Me" aired on the country radio charts, I would be genuinely surprised if "Drink" does not gain even more radio traction.

I am incredibly picky about mixes and am quick to identify elements that I do not feel blend as well as they could. I genuinely believe that "Drink" has a stellar mix, though. The kick drum is solid and punchy, and I really dig the guitar and bass tones. There are some cool bass walk-ups in the choruses, as well as bass slides throughout. My favorite!

Having more than one vocalist is a huge plus. It keeps the song interesting, engages the audience, and allows for fun harmonies. Whoever is belting from 1:33-1:35 gets an A+ in my book. I love the vocal growl [not everyone can do that]; good placement.

"Drink" sports the right mix of pop elements and real instruments. The "na-na's" throughout are outstandingly catchy [a live audience could easily sing along], and the song builds really well. I love the drums and "na-na" ending. This single ticks all of the "pop radio hit" boxes, and I could certainly hear this being added to summer playlists throughout America, Australia, and the U.K.

"Drink" Official Music video:

"Drink" Official Lyric Video:

"Drink" Single Launch:

Southbound Promo Reel:

All in all, these chicks aren't afraid to own their femininity. As a fellow female rocker, I salute that.

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Instagram: @southbound.official


Alisha Peru