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Rockin’ Volts: Keeping Classic Alive

If you are a die-hard ACDC fan but are seeking some newer music, try Rockin’ Volts on for size. Founded in 2014, Rockin’ Volts seeks to, “[keep] the old rock sound alive.” These Australian rockers are certainly delivering “Aussie Pub Rock ’N Roll” and “dirt and rawness” back into the ears of their listeners. This is pure, unadulterated rock - simplistic but energetic. This is the type of group that you want to party with.

Rockin’ Volts’ ACDC influence can certainly be perceived in their self-titled single, “Rockin’ Volts” [listen to the song here:]. Their main guitar riff is classic, catchy, and repetitive [in a good way]. Many groups really struggle to maintain the simplicity that is needed to nail their guitar lines into the memories of their audience members; Rockin’ Volts manages to do so. This can, most likely, be attributed to the mass amount of classic rock that these four Aussies must ingest regularly. “Classic” runs in their blood.

Hayden Scott boasts a robust set of pipes; his vocals are edgy and raw, mimicking the voices of ACDC’s Bon Scott and Brian Johnson. If there is one thing that I would like to hear more of in a future single, however, it would be harder-hitting articulation and consonant usage. The lyrics in this song encompass the founding motto of this group: keep classic rock alive. Stronger articulation will ensure that listeners can understand lyrics in live settings, as well as in recordings that do not have lyrics videos attached.

Lead guitarist Tyler Theo has a great guitar tone coming through in his solos. He has a nice balance of highs and lows, whereas oftentimes, classic guitar solos can become piercingly sharp.

I also really appreciate Hayden Scott’s bass tone [particularly beginning in the bass feature section @ 2:20]. It is a punchy [but subtle] round tone. Dylan Stevens holds down the rhythm guitar and the drums [Dean Weedon] sport an authentic classic rock feel. Both of these members have enough restraint, as players, to avoid over-embellishment [especially amidst Tyler's solo sections].

"Rockin' Volts" encompasses a couple of particularly fun elements, including multi-singer chorus backing vocals and some add-on laughter at the end of the track.

All in all though, this is the type of band that you need to see live. After all, that’s what rock n’ roll is all about.

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