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Rockin' Volts: A Classic Rock EP In A Modern Age

Rock will always have my heart, so I was stoked when Rockin' Volts asked me to do a full EP review of their new self-titled release, "Rockin' Volts." Classic rock-inspired bands are a rarity these days, so most of us are left to bump old discography from bands who have long since progressed beyond the age of writing and releasing new music. It's nice to witness a modern band, with a similar sound, coming out of the woodwork.

In regards to the overall sound of the EP, the Volts wanted, "to get a closer vibe to the sound of Albert Productions, who made a sound with the early albums of AC/DC, The Angels, Rose Tattoo etc. It was a thing that Alberts started and invented, a sound for those Aussie albums, and they still stand the test of time [. . .] We wanted to achieve a raw Aussie Pub Rock n Roll EP that will be a punch in the face."

In terms of lyrics: "A lot of bands talk about depression and how low their life is, which is great if you are in that sort of band. But with this band, we are all about rock n roll, women, alcohol and having a good time, which is what rock n roll bands [were] always about and should continue to be [about]. Our title track from the EP “Rockin Volts,” for example, [is] about paying respect to the bands that came before us and what this band is exactly about - with no bullshit. This is who we are; this is what we do; we are Rockin’ Volts!"

The EP begins with Rockin' Volts' self-titled single, "Rockin' Volts" [read my full, in-depth review of the song here: This is the original track wherein which the band's AC/DC influence is most prevalent.

"Ballbreaker" hits next. Rockin' Volts made the right call by refraining from introducing this song first on the record. It hits at a much quicker tempo and is more directly energetic than "Rockin' Volts." Refraining from placing this song first in the lineup allows the listener to "warm up" to the band's sound prior. After all, we wouldn't want to scare off the rock newbies... ;) As a bassist, I really appreciate Hayden Scott's octave work in this bass line. I also like the "punk" feel that Dean Weedon delivers on the drums. This song is a "throwback" for me in terms of playing hot, sweaty, grunge-y [in a good way] local venues - the mosh pits, the head-banging, the energy... I dig it.

My favorite track on this EP is "Ain't No Woman." If I were to listen to the instrumental intro by itself, I would guess that I was listening to a true classic rock song. I love the initial buildup, as well as the overall guitar part [particularly from 0:39 - 0:48]. I truly believe that this is one of the best riffs on the album. It is simplistic, but perhaps that is why it sounds professional.

"Let There Be Rock" [an AC/DC cover] is another song that allows the bass to shine through [particularly in verse one]. I appreciate this, as most listeners are naturally drawn to the guitar when all members are playing. The guitar solos are well-executed and I can wholeheartedly say that Rockin' Volts did their predecessor proud on this one.

In my opinion, this EP gets better as it goes on - like an upward slope. One one hand, this is a good thing. On the other hand, I think that Rockin' Volts could benefit from throwing "Ain't No Woman" earlier into the mix in order to capture their listeners and ensure that they continue to listen. The two most professional sounding tracks? "Ain't No Woman" and "Let There Be Rock." These songs are full, with radio-ready tones in the guitar, bass, and drums; I highly recommend that Rockin' Volts apply these same mixing templates and techniques to future releases on their full-length album.

What are the band's future plans?

"We are gonna go into pre-production for our debut album, then record the album as soon as the studio reopens. . . go on tour

around Melbourne and if we can go interstate

for a show on this tour, [that] would [be] great also. We are just gonna gig, gig, gig, get our name out there as much as possible and then starting working on the second album as soon as we are done with the debut album tour (and keep going up and up and up!)"

Listen to the EP here:

Recommended Tracks: "Ain't No Woman" and "Let There Be Rock"

"Once the restrictions are lifted, get down to a gig we are at and if you’re looking to have a good time and a drink with a rock n' roll band, we have it! Our debut album is coming, so get out and get it once it's out and turn it up to 11!" - Rockin' Volts

Band Members

Drums: Dean Weedon Vocals + Bass: Hayden Scott Guitar: Dylan Stevens Guitar + Vocals: Tyler Theo

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