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Pearl the Girl’s “Single Use Plastic”

If indie techno-pop is your thing, then you will love Pearl the Girls latest release, “Single Use Plastic.” The tune has a modern dance feel, coupled with grunge-y but chic femme vocals that rival P!nk’s iconic voice. Pearl the Girl is the type of artist whom I can see breaking through the crowded music scene - imaginably in a late-night appearance on a notable talk show.

Pearl the Girl, an indie-pop bunch, hails from the down-under land of Sydney, Australia. Fronted by blonde bombshell Pearl the Girl herself, the band also consists of Jeremy Ford, Henry Manuell, and Elias Vilches.

“Single Use Plastic” is a uniquely metaphorical comparison between a throw-away relationship and single-use plastic. “Chew me up and spit when you get bored. Honestly, it’s nice when I’m ignored [. . .] You like to tell me that I don’t care, that's so classic. But to you, I’m just a single-use plastic.” I get the impression that Pearl the Girl invests a great deal of conscious effort into her lyrics. She crafts intricate, poetic stories.

The mixing and mastering of this single are exceptional. Vocals are one of the most challenging elements of a mix to nail, but Alex Markwell [of The Delta Riggs -] pulls it off. The guitar riffs are simple but incredibly catchy, the drums have the perfect amount of “pop,” and the synth acts as a driving beat beneath the vocal melody.

Pearl the Girl’s video team [see credits below] did an A+ job with the video for “Single Use Plastic.” Director Ash Lim and Set Designer Dodge Pangburn instantly engage the viewers with a dance-club, blue-tone hue. The lighting is modern and contemporary; it utters “indie-techno-pop” in its subtlety. Cinematographer Connor Rancan knows how to work his camera, making use of well-timed slo-mo and beautifully motion-oriented shots. The transitions are crisp and appealing; the colors - expressive.

This band has “the look” [you all know what I am talking about]. Many groups have “the sound,” but have not yet embodied “the look” [or vice versa]. Pearl the Girl possesses both, which makes me confident in their ability to break through in the industry.

Listen to Pearl The Girl:

- “Single Use Plastic” Official Music Video:

- Pearl The Girl Facebook Page:

- "Single Use Plastic" Streaming Links:

“Single Use Plastic” Video Credits:

- Director/Producer: Ash Lim

- 1st AD/Gaffer: Oliver Kirby

- 2nd AD/Set Designer: Dodge Pangburn

- Cinematographer: Connor Rancan

- Assist: Paigge Frankie

Alisha Peru

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