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Live & Amplified EXCLUSIVE Interview with The Voice's Savannah Brister

Savannah Brister, a Memphis, Tennessee local, is a teenage singer, songwriter, and instrumentalist with passion and soul. Her skillful and artistic vocals runs will draw you in and leave you wanting more. Some may recognize this songstress from Season 16 of The Voice, where she "wowed" John Legend with her unique rendition of Stevie Wonder's "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing." Check out her "Blind Audition" below:

Recently, our very own Tom Kwiat had the amazing opportunity to sit down with Savannah Brister for a full-length Live and Amplified Exclusive Interview. Read on for highlights!

At the beginning of the "coronavirus quarantine," Savannah tells us that she was hit with the dreaded writer's block. In an effort to bring herself out of the slump (and to give herself a much-needed push), the singer-songwriter began doing what she calls #SongwriterSunday's. These have been assisting her in overcoming perfectionism. The weekly videos also allow her to connect with audiences in an intimate way (imperfections and all).

According to Savannah, her hometown's music scene is growing. It has that "soul vibe," she says, and "is an area that presents opportunities that cannot be found elsewhere" [such as Beale Street and Overton Square]. She loves it there!

"Dear World," Brister's newest release, was recorded in the heart of Memphis. Check it out here:

"Dear World" is a soulful, groovy single with a beautiful message behind the lyrics. The process behind the song? Brister says that she picked up the guitar (a fairly new instrument to her) at 2 A.M. one (morning). This middle-of-the-night writing session came not long after the El Paso shooting. She wrote the track over the course of two evenings and said that she feels that this is the first song that really "gave her a peek into what kind of an artist she wants to be."

Savannah Brister began playing keys at seven years of age. Piano is "definitely home for me," she says. Savannah discovered the world of singing at age 13 and thought, "This is it; this is what I'm doing." She began writing her own music at age 14 and has "been working really hard on it since then." She pours her "heart and soul into all things music."

Brister's hard work paid off when she was chosen to participate in Season 16 of NBC's The Voice. Savannah says that the notoriety that she gained from the show "was kind of weird." Someone always recognized her whenever she went to Nashville, and she never really got used to it. The audition process was a long one, with many pre-television rounds before seeing the "real thing." While both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend fought to add Brister to their teams, Savannah ultimately chose John because she believed that he would understand her piano side. She also really dug his soul vibes!

The Voice changed Savannah's music career by showing her that it "is possible;" it also proved to her family that it "is possible and achievable." "[The Voice] helps give me some street credit and opens some doors for me, which is awesome," says Savannah.

Her most significant lesson that she learned from the experience is this: "Be yourself. Stay authentic to yourself and to your genre of music. Be yourself, be yourself, be yourself, and trust the process."

Be sure to check out our full interview here for more about Savannah, plus some fantastic live performance footage!

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