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Lily Rose Accepts The Villain Title In New Single

Updated: Mar 19

A self-taught drummer and guitarist, it’s a damn shame that Lily Rose only found her voice in high school. Make no doubt that it was worth the wait!

Across the last two years, Rose has released a live recording of original track ‘Here For It’ – a track that you could almost mistake as an Adele ballad – along with studio singles, the groovy ‘Green Light’ and the laidback ‘Better Than That’. Through these three, she introduced us to her larger than life, roaring vocals that are drowned by a pool of depth and buried in a pit of passion. Her unique blend of sultry RnB undertones infused with a crisp country contour (a clear extension of her Nashville home base) not only makes Lily Rose an interesting addition to the music industry, but also highlights her diverse range of influence and creative scope. Citing Keith Urban, Rascal Flatts, Bruce Springsteen and Katy Perry on her musical influence spectrum, Lily Rose’s musical palette is a colourful creation.

She delves into the darker tones for her latest track, the brooding and melancholic letter, ‘Villains’. A sombre outlook on the end of a relationship, ‘Villains’ sees Rose accept the role of the villain in a tumultuous love story. A classic good guy verses bad guy scenario, Lily Rose hits it on the head with the powerful chorus -

“You can be the hero / I can take the fall / if that’s how the story goes / say that’s all my fault.”

But as all good discrepancies go, there’s always two sides to every story. Lily Rose unpacks this, filtering through the hearsay, alluding to the false claims but still accepting the villainous crown.

“I heard them say I never loved you / Found someone new / Gave up too soon / But that’s half the truth / One point of view”

The ominous lyrical content matches the sonic backdrop. Heavy drum pulses, deep bass, gentle guitar string caresses and delicate piano chords underscore the story like a still ocean bed with Roses forlorn vocal waves crashing into it. Haunting, heart-wrenching and stunning all the same.

‘Villains’ lacks the country contained in her previous release, however the vulnerability oozes through and would have been cheapened with the addition of a Nashville twang.

Whilst Lily Rose portrays herself as the villain in this narrative, it’s clear that she will have an underdog story in the music industry if she keeps serving up tracks like this.

Give ‘Villains’ a listen now: Lily Rose - Villains

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