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UK's Kelsey Bovey + "Magnetic"

Bristol's country-pop, singer-songwriter sweetheart, Kelsey Bovey, has just released her latest single. Titled "Magnetic," this track is reminiscent of Taylor Swift's earlier work; it is catchy and light. Bovey also boasts a similar vocal style to Swift's. Her tone is youthful and rich in treble.

Kelsey Bovey has been making music since she was eight years old and "aspires to make music to empower the lives of young people." Currently a part of Scarlet River Management, Bovey may have a big year ahead of her.

I appreciate the style in which the Official Music Video for "Magnetic" was filmed and edited. It inspires artists of all skill levels, ages, and income tiers to create, create, create. Kelsey shows us that music videos do not always need to be incredibly elaborate and costly. An Official Music Video can always be created - no matter where you are. There is never an excuse to not further promote one's music.

Kelsey Bovey creates the type of music that stays in our minds. This level of "catchy-ness" is key to success within the country and pop industries [both of which Kelsey is a part of]. As I have said before, we know that a song has the potential to be a radio hit when the listener can sing the chorus after only one round of listening. This holds true for "Magnetic."

I love the simplicity of this single. Kelsey stuck to "the formula" - to what is known to work for a vast majority of listeners. Her chord progressions, lyrics, and melody are accessible and singable. As Taylor Swift continues to move towards older audiences, Kelsey Bovey has the ability to pick up where Swift left off in the country-pop world.

"Magnetic" is the type of song that sounds great not only with a full band but also acoustically [check out the stripped-down version below]:

I really appreciate this acoustic video for two reasons in particular:

1. Kelsey's authentic vocal tone shines through. She has fullness, depth, and a low-end that can be heard more than in the studio recording.

2. We can hear the great amount of vocal control the Kelsey has.

I love comparing live versions of songs to studio versions because this is how we know whether or not a singer can truly sing. Kelsey can. She has great pitch, and I wish her all the best on her musical journey!

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