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Karina Daza Grinds Out Coffee Appreciation Track and Music Video

Updated: Mar 19

Of all the love songs in the world talking about devotion, raw need, desire, and thirst, and pure adoration, ‘Latte De Banana’ is the song that has to be the most relatable and quenching. Never has there been a song, to sum up, our love for the caffeinated Gods that are our reason, and cure, for getting out of bed, driving us through every day, and bringing out our best – until now!

Forget your flat white, long black, cappuccino, dirty chai, pumpkin spice, macchiato, americano, and espresso varieties – ‘Latte de Banana’ or a Banana Latte is the freshest fusion on the menu!

Karina Daza finds the perfect aromatic blend of modern Bosa Nova and slinky R&B on this Brazilian feel-good tune. The track feels like a warm, comforting cup of coffee on a cold morning that fills your center, with the stimulating buzz kicking your body into rhythm. With styling by Lorenzo Molina of the chart-topping group The Mavericks, ‘Latte de Banana’ has a footwalk festival feel, with the bursting trumpets and sultry Spanish guitar hums.

“Give me something that will get me through / Latte de Banana” is the new morning anthem and the video clip directed by Matthew Coleman represents that with its quirky grabs of the coffee experience – from the morning routine kitchen counter brew to the quaint café corners. It also offers a longing for a pre-Covid lifestyle where occupying a table at the local café to journal and work was a relaxing activity.

Aside from the coffee, Karina Daza is the main subject of the music video and is as bubbly and fresh as the track. Her final scenes euphorically dancing in the café are sure to bring a smile to viewers faces! Get ready to froth!

Listen here or buy her live EP here

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