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JUNO's "Nobody Cares" - Uniquely Catchy Pop-Reggae

If I could give out an award for the "catchiest song of the summer," it would most certainly go to JUNO's new release, "Nobody Cares." This track had me physically bumpin' in my chair, and I found myself immediately "favoriting" the song on Spotify. Before I knew it, I was loudly singing along and saying, "I just want to listen to that again, again, AGAIN!" ...Seriously.

While I listen to a wide variety of music, it's not every day that I get legitimately excited about a new find. "Nobody Cares" is unique, but in a way that still bops - in a way that is singable, catchy, and doesn't go "over our heads." It's still relatable and radio-friendly. I am genuinely curious as to whether Ashlee Juno played every instrument on the track. If so, props to her! Whoever produced and mixed the song did a stellar job, as well. [Again, Juno, if you played these roles, then hats off to you!]

"Nobody Cares" is featured on JUNO's newly-released debut album, Help Is Not On The Way. I love the artwork for "Nobody Cares" [pictured in the YouTube thumbnail above]; it fits with the vibe that JUNO works to bring through our speakers. I also love the subtle intricacies throughout the mix. The guitars and bass have fantastic tones going on, and the most fun part? Cool "mouth sounds" that [I assume] JUNO herself is making. Throw on some headphones and listen carefully - the "pops" are rad!

As a bassist, I love groovy, funky, "make-you-move" types of bass lines; my ear likes to pick out particular runs. That being said, I dig the simultaneous mini-riff played by both the bass and the guitar at 1:32 - 1:33. It's little, thoughtful touches like this which get me excited and receive a "thumbs up" in my book.

One of the most unique sections of "Nobody Cares" is the bridge [2:05 - 2:30]. JUNO goes into a different vocal tone at the beginning of this section. It's deeper in timbre and really helps maintain listener interest. There's a nice electronic bass drop in the background, and eventually, a gospel-like organ joins in, complete with clapping and a background "choir." Love it!

There are singers, there are guitarists, and then there are true artists. Ashlee Juno is the latter. All in all, I've probably listened to "Nobody Cares" at least 10 times, just within the past day or two. There's no way this would be the case if I did not truly enjoy the feel of the song. Do yourself a favor and give the track a listen. It's a fun one!

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Alísha Peru

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