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Jackii Kennedy's "The Zone"

Jackii Kennedy is immersed in the world of music more than most. As someone with synesthesia, Kennedy can, quite literally, see colors when she hears music played. Her cover art is then influenced by these brilliant artistic displays.

A Los Angeles funk / psychedelic / pop / R&B artist, Kennedy seeks to "make the definition of queer pop" more fluid. Starting in July of this year, she has vowed to release a new single every month, accompanied by some sort of visual element. She had yet to disappoint!

Her most recent single, "The Zone," was released just last month. The track is catchy and most definitely "vibes." Produced by Jackii Kennedy, Ry Raines (Dominic Fike, Peach Tree Rascals, Will Jay), and Hudson Taylor (Kanye West), I could totally hear "The Zone" being added to "driving" playlists and bumped on car radios across the coast. It has a true California feel to it.

Check out Kennedy's self-produced video for "The Zone" here:

The overall mix of "The Zone" is a modern one. Instruments and vocals are balanced in a way the keeps the track chill and easy-listening. I love how Jackii keeps her vocals layed-back throughout, and while some artists show off their musicality through intense displays of dynamic power, Kennedy shows her brilliance through reserve and tastefulness. She has some nice vocal in there, and her low range is to die for. I dig it.

Some psychedelic elements come through in the beginning auxiliary background tones, accompanied by a pop backbeat. Select guitar hits and bass lines show off this artist's subtle funk elements.

One of the musical additions that makes "The Zone" stand out to me is Jackii's use of vocal octave doubling. She likes to sing the exact same line in both her upper and lower octaves at the same time, paired alongside tastefully subtle harmonies. I could 100% hear "The Zone" being played in stores throughout the mall or at a day on the boardwalk.

Overall, Jackii Kennedy is a unique, authentic artist who stays true to herself in a world that might tempt her to do otherwise. I like her self-produced music video and feel that it helps her audience better understand who she really is; she is genuine and real.


Follow Jackii Kennedy:

Facebook: @jackiikennedy

Instagram: @jackiikennedy

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