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Facebook Promoting for the Win

When I first became active on promoting Live and Amplified on Facebook and making it a well-established group. We had not turned a corner until (The end of February) we started utilizing all 5 steps of this Facebook promotional strategy.

In this article, I will give you 5 quality promotional tips and advertisement strategies to help build your Facebook and online presence for any budget using Facebook Ads.

TIP 1: Let It Run For 4 Days

When it comes to buying Facebook ads, be prepared to let your promotion run for a minimum of 4 days for optimal performance. This is to build-up consistency and brand awareness. You will notice as days move on the click-through rate will go up but after about 10 days your click-through rate will drop unless you update your advertisement copy.

TIP 2: Know Your Audience

Have an idea who your audience is, where you would like to grow your fanbase (Location, Gender, Age Range), Or what common interests might be, and don't be afraid to use search terms that are outside the norm. 

 For example, We will target  

 American Idol, The Voice, and  

 Americas Got Talent fans 

 during the premiere week. 

All this information you can use to target a new demographic, know where you need to grow. By using common interests you can build and engage with your audience.

Using our information, Let's say we wanted to build our audience in Australia. I would create an album review on our website of an Australian band and conduct a Zoom Interview. Using those 2 pieces of content and collected data I will create a potent ad campaign. Targeting, 25 - 34 Male/Female Demographic, in Sydney Australia. Using The Beatles, Music, and Bob Marley as Keywords. 

You can find your audience information breakdown on the Facebook App where it tells your Top Locations, Age ranges, and even common interests.

TIP 3: Make It Engaging

Another tip to use for Facebook promotion is to make the ad engaging. Use an awesome looking photo, video, or ask an engaging question in the copy. You can make a simple question of the day graphics, that only require yes or no responses and you can assign a different like emoji to yes and no to improve fan engagement.

TIP 4: Lead With A Winner

When in doubt, lead with a winner. If you have a video or photo that has already gained traction (Views, Shares, or Comments). Use that as your video/photo because people are more prone to interact with something that already has traction.

TIP 5: More Bang For Your Buck

The most optimal tip I have, when you are using Facebook to promote your brand. Promote an external link, with a video preview, and in the copy push people to Like and Share your post. This strategy gives you the optimal return for your money. Your Link is getting hits (Which is what you are paying for), your video is getting views for free, It is getting shared for free, and all of the likes you can convert into Facebook page followers, for free, by inviting them. 

In Conclusion, 

The trick is, no matter what you are promoting on Facebook, you need to be strategic with your wording, placement, and audience. That being said don't be afraid to experiment or if you are just starting don't be afraid to be vague in your targeted search until you start building your analytics and your audience. Facebook isn't traditional media and you don't need a giant a budget to build your brand. You can easily get away with $20 a week and before you know it you have a following and brand recognition. 

Remember these tips are for Facebook and have been are tactics we use to help promote and build our following. 

Tom Kwiat