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How we’re Hacking Linkedin

Updated: May 8, 2020

Before I get into the main part of this article, here is a little about myself and what my team and I do. My name is Tom Kwiat, I’m 32 Years old and currently living in Waco, TX. I am the mind behind a web based media platform, “Live and Amplified” that works with musicians giving them a platform to talk about and showcase original content. We do this by producing online first content like podcasts, live performance videos and other social media photos and videos.

For the longest time I thought Linkedin was a social platform for business types, to present their resume and to use the platform to network for new job opportunities. In recent months and years Linkedin has evolved into a more mainstream social platform that has become an open source platform for any all business needs by hosting articles and other information sources while keeping the door open for people to network with business execs. Which has opened a very exciting opportunity for young content creators to get there content infront of potential sponsors, media outlets and investors.

With Live and Amplified we use a very specific microphone when we record musicians, about 9 months ago I got this idea to start adding people that worked for this microphone company on Linkedin, and as they started accepting my friend requests i would casually start posting our youtube videos visually featuring their microphones. As luck would have it about 4 weeks after starting this experiment I received an E-Mail from the sales director of this company asking if they could send us free equiptment in exchange for a little plug in each video. While this specific example has not gone past that stage yet we are still in contact to this day and hopefully one day will turn out to be a full sponsorship deal.

So now as this experiment is showing positive results we have decided to try it again as we are getting ready to launch our new series, I have started adding program directors and djs for radio stations. The intent is to get our episodes infront of those people to see if we can start syndicating the program in other markets. Linkedin is proving to be a very important platform for content creators assuming you know how to use it.

To recap, use Linkedin as your sort of dream business platform to get your content infront of shakers and makers in your industry. It is also proving to be a very valuable business incubator providing knowledge, direct lines of communications and exposure. For all the new content creators and business owners, make sure to incorporate linkedin into your social media strategy.

Cheers -Tom Kwiat-

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