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How to Make the Most of Paid Studio Time [Don't Waste It!]

As musicians, I am sure that you are all well aware of how expensive studio time can be. I have been in and out of professional studios for the past 10 years [as a solo-artist, studio musician, and with bands] and have learned, first-hand, the ways in which you can alleviate studio pressure, arrive prepared, and get your money's worth out of your recording time.

  1. Know your BPM [beats-per-minute] and tempos ahead of time [use this tool to help you out:]. [Knowing this in advance will save you precious time. Do not wait until you are in the studio to figure this out.]

  2. Ensure that your song structures and lyrics are SOLIDIFIED. [Do not attempt to make last-minute alterations in the sound booth.]

  3. Print out lyrics and/or chord charts. [Even if you have these memorized, the less that your brain has to focus on while recording, the better. Without them, you may become confused while attempting to mentally track where you are at when it comes time to go back and "punch-in" particular measures.]

  4. Practice, practice, practice. [If you think that you are ready to record, practice some more. Recording in the studio adds an extra element of stress that can throw off even the best of musicians. Practicing in front of others is a great way to help overcome some of these nerves.]

  5. Warm up beforehand. [This goes for vocalists AND instrumentalists.]

  6. Practice to a “click track” / metronome at home. [Click tracks can be difficult to record to - particularly for drummers. Make sure that you are comfortable playing with one. Route a click through a pair of headphones or earbuds for the authentic studio experience.]

  7. Practice singing / playing with headphones on. [Run your vocals and/or instruments through an amp with a headphone jack or a simple DAW (like Garageband) in order to become accustomed to hearing oneself routed through headphones.]

  8. If you are an instrumentalist, bring hand warmers and/or gloves. [Studios can be very cold and lead to frozen fingers!]

  9. If you are a vocalist, DO NOT eat or drink dairy the day before [or of] recording. [I cannot stress this one enough.]

  10. Vocalists: bring cough drops. These can be a studio lifesaver.


  12. And finally, once you are in the studio, relax. [You got this!]

If you have any tips to add to this list, please comment below!

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Cheers and happy recording!

| Alisha Peru |

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