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Highway Women's "Shake The Dust"

Highway Women, of Victory Music Buzz LLC & Heart Songs Records, just released a new single titled, "Shake The Dust." A pop-country anthem, the tune is catchy, melodic, and light - perfect for a summer evening. The lyrics draw from the biblical phrase "shake the dust," which is mentioned several times throughout Scripture. Written by Amanda Pruitt and Davis Corley, this song serves as a perfect addition to any Fourth-of-July or Women's Anthem Playlist.

Live and Amplified's very own Tom Kwiat had the opportunity to sit down with Highway Women's Kristen Kae, Heather Harper, and Drew Haley to discuss their new single and more.

"Shake The Dust" was recorded at the tail end of 2019 and the music video was completed [thankfully] before COVID-19 struck. In the words of Kristen Kae, "Thank God. We were kind of lucky that we already had it all together [. . .] I'm really excited [. . .] and I think that it is coming out at the right time, so I'm good with it." Heather Harper agrees.

The music video for the track [filmed by Gonzalez Media Productions] just dropped today! On Highway Women's Facebook page, we read, "Never stop chasing your dreams...EVER. If you want something in life, go for it. Don't ever let anyone stand in your way. Take a leap of faith. Come 'Shake the Dust' with us."

Highway Women says that filming the video was "tons of fun!"

My favorite element of this music video is how it allows listeners to know who is singing what parts in the song. Before I saw the video, I had no idea! It is also fun to see all four singers joining together as one, both backstage and in the limelight.

About the song itself, I particularly love the tone that Amanda Pruitt exudes throughout, as well as Kristen Kae's high, "belty" notes. Both of these singers shine during the last chorus / outro. All of the members harmonize fluidly together, which is not an easy feat to achieve [especially with four vocalists singing at once]. Props to these beautiful ladies!

The track is catchy and radio-friendly. Even two days after listening to it for the first time, I could still hear the chorus in my mind [lyrics and all]. The instrumental parts are played in a way that highlights the girls, rather than becoming a centerpiece themselves. Excellent job writing a hit, Amanda and Davis!

All in all, If you are looking for something inspiring, this song will not disappoint! Stream it here:

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"All four ladies are awesome. They are down to earth and such hard workers. Very Inspiring." - Tammy Doyle

Alisha Peru

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