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Have you ever heard of Crossposting?

Updated: May 8, 2020

The concept behind Crossposting on facebook is a simple one, but Lets talk about how to get it set up and the importance it can play in your Social Media strategy. Before the advent of crossposting collaborators had 2 choices. Uploading the Video to both pages, thus splitting the views and audience or, one page hosts the video independently.

Crossposting is a Facebook feature that allows videos to live on multiple pages, while sharing all the analytics.

- If a video features multiple pages (IE Musicians, Comedians, Athletes) in a collaboration, instead of uploading the video multiple times and splitting the audience, crossposting allows it to uploaded once but live on multiple pages.

- Or, if you Livestream crossposting featuring multiple pages it sends out alerts to all of the followers of the pages involved instead of just the host of livestream.

It's easy to set up, Just go to your Setting page on Facebook, and select “Crossposting” on the left rail menu. Then, enter the name of the page you would like to add to your network, and click “Next”. Finally, you’ll be given an invite link, Simply copy that link, and send it to an administrator of the applicable page.

To make a video available for others to post within your Crossposting network, check the Crossposting option when you’re setting up a video post and select the page you would like to cross post with. Once you publish, a notification will pop up on the top of each page within your Crossposting network that says “1 Video Added This Week You Can Crosspost”.

Theres one small issue, you must set up crossposting using a computer because the mobile apps do not seem to support setting up crossposting.

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