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Hannah Paris Shoots High With New Single 'Bang Bang'

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

Easily mistaken for an offspring of the Nashville country music lineage, London born English songstress Hannah Paris radiates pure country soul. We got used to the sweetness of the songbird with her stunning vocal lines on slow-burn ‘Lost In The Wind’ in 2019, the pillow softness and warmth she exuded in duet ‘Crazy For You’, and the girl next door heart that came with the 2017 EP Short Stories. Now on her latest release, ‘Bang Bang’ Paris is peeling back the cotton fairy mask on both herself and the songs subject.

‘Bang Bang’ is a song full of spite, disgust and resentment. With her flare for captivating songwriting, that only a true country musician can pen, Paris narrates the bitter breakdown of a family like friendship. “Have you ever been stung / stung by someone who felt like family” opens the story with a strong pinch of distaste peppered in Paris’ deliver. With an intense strumming of the acoustic guitar underlying, the drama begins.

“How did you get so good at being two people / Like you were wearing a mask hiding who you really were?” Paris questions as she swings into the chorus. Partnered with her deep licks and heavy twang the song takes the form of a heated interrogation with an element of theatrics that we haven’t yet seen from Paris. It’s tantalising to say the least! A glorious piano, the soaring guitars and the punchy tambourine elevate the track into a climatic chorus.

It is here that the second mask is unveiled, the mask of Hannah Paris as she strips her delicate exterior in the form of the following lyric, “I know what I would do if I saw you / bang, bang”. Reflective of her country sound, Paris takes a western film approach to dealing with conflict in this ditty. It’s surprising but it’s welcome!

The build throughout the perfectly timed 4 minute track is striking leading to a mammoth chorus crescendo to round out the song, an echoing “bang, bang” sliding the book closed on the tense drama.

Hannah Paris shows her dimension and range with ‘Bang Bang’ as a fresh inclusion into her catalogue. She has certainly shed the nice girl skin and grown into a dynamic songwriter. Looking forward to the next instalment of Paris’ songwriting journey.

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