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Hannah Paris' Latest Single - "What The Hell"

Acoustic pop-country songstress, Hannah Paris, is at it again with her latest single, "What The Hell." Combining Americana elements with a more classic Country feel, "What The Hell" is catchy and singable, yet also still retains roots of Paris' acoustic songwriting background.

Hailing from London, this talented musician's debut EP, Short Stories, ranked within the Top 10 charts back in 2017. Since then, Hannah Paris has continued to build a loyal following while continuing to push out new content (even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic). That is some serious drive and dedication!

Let's go ahead and dig into Hannah's latest track:

My favorite part about "What The Hell" is, no doubt, the acoustic guitar part. The finger and picking work is exquisite and really stands out in the intro. A steady kick-drum beat is also a musical preference of mine, so I am excited to hear this utilized in the track. The simple percussion and bass parts really allow Hannah's voice to stand out and do not crowd the mix. I get some real Fleetwood Mac vibes from this song (in a very good way). Sometimes, simplicity truly is best.

I would love to know who Paris' musical influences are. It would be interesting to find out whether or not she is influenced primarily by country artists, or by a wide plethora of genres.

If I am not mistaken, I hear some lap steel guitar coming through in "What The Hell." With interesting instrumentation such as this, I think that this song would be fun to see performed live (Hannah sometimes plays with a 4-piece backing band). I also like the addition of the piano in the background. It sits well within the mix and is subtle in some areas. In fact, upon close listening with headphones, I can also pick out a mandolin panned over to one side of the mix, and tambourine panned over to the other side. Nice touch!

All in all, I believe that the strongest elements of "What The Hell" lie in the fact that at first listen, the track seems quite simple. Upon further investigation, however, unique and subtle elements shine through. Great work, Hannah and team!

In regards to her own track, Hannah Paris says that "What The Hell" is "about local village life where everything seems perfect, but behind the doors, people are sometimes not what they seem and hide all sorts of goings-on [. . .] While the idea of growing up in a small village may conjure images of idyllic living and a community so tight-knit it's practically family, not everything about small town life is as charming as it seems."

Find "What The Hell" at these links, and let us know what you think of the tune in the comments below:

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