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Ghost Town Remedy's "Therapy"

Nashville Indie/Power Pop band Ghost Town Remedy has hit the ground running in 2020. With multiple releases planned throughout the year and a recent Nashville Industry Music Award for Best Pop/Punk Band, Ghost Town Remedy continues to please their loyal fans and listeners. If you are fond of Weezer, Foo Fighters, or Red Jumpsuit Apparatus (whom Ghost Town Remedy played a show alongside), then be sure to check out the track "Therapy."

While Live and Amplified receives many Music Review Submissions, "Therapy," in particular, stood out to me. Blame it on the catchy "oh's" and fun time-signature switch-ups; this song instantly caught my attention. Upon diving into the track, I was taken back to my earlier days in the music scene - sharing the stage with local pop-punk bands who made us all feel good, happy, and energized. I say this in the best possible way, as Ghost Town Remedy has a genuine approachability about them, both in sound and overall presence. It's this vibe that attracts fans who will stick around.

Ghost Town Remedy's "Therapy" is the definition of Pop Punk. With catchy guitar riffs, fuzz pedals, a bass that carries us through the verses, sharp drums, stand-out lead vocals, and group choruses, I could hear this song added to plenty of Pop Punk playlists. It's the perfect song for driving around with friends but would also make for a fun live performance.

Ghost Town Remedy's members include TJ (Guitar/Vocals), Steve (Drums/Vocals), Jordan Winborne ("Yummy" Guitar), and Rich "The Outlaw" Ridgell (Low Guitar). TJ Maher's lead vocals have the perfect amount of high-end to pierce through this type of band. I love his vocal style. Rich sports a full, round bass tone (which is typically my preference), and I like Steve's drumming style as a whole. While some Pop Punk/Power Pop drummers are very tight in their playing, Steve (as seen in the "Therapy" music video) has a looser playing style. This groove adds to the fun approachability of Ghost Town Remedy and gives just the right amount of drive to "Therapy."

My favorite part of "Therapy" (especially in terms of guitars) starts at 1:43 with a screech/feedback effect. The song then transitions into a back and forth riff duet between TJ and Jordan, which eventually splits into harmony parts. Rich adds the perfect amount of bass to compliment this instrumental section.

All in all, Ghost Town Remedy delivers. I'd love to see them play live. Be sure to check out their music at the links below!

Stream "Therapy" here:

Listen to Ghost Town Remedy's "Live and Amplified" Podcast:

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Alisha Peru

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