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El Sancho's "Permanent Record" - Dirty and Raw Punk Rock

If there's one thing that fans of punk rock hate, it's overproduced perfectionism. Punk devotees want dirty, raw, in-your-face tones, and the "I'm yelling a foot away from you and refuse to use auto-tune" type of vocals. El Sancho delivers this organic authenticity in "Permanent Record."

Hailing from the Big Island, this group "sticks out in the Hawaii music scene like an abandoned car in the middle of a lava field [...] While most live music in Hawaii is centered around what tourists want to hear while they guzzle their mai tais, El Sancho is unable and unwilling to conform, relying on power chords, blistering bass lines and hyper-fast drumming. They are for fans of the Ramones, The Descendents and Agent Orange; if you’re looking for yet another Jimmy Buffet cover band, move along."

Unafraid to offend and willing to speak what's on the mind without any political filter, "Permanent Record" fits the true definition of punk rock. Punk rock wouldn't be punk rock with watered-down lyrics, now would it? Drummer Tony Joyce provides the up-tempo and simplistic (yet high-energy) beat that many have come to crave in live punk rock settings. This song is perfect to jump around to in a crowded, low-lit basement (darn you, COVID-19). If you ever make it out to a live show of El Sancho's someday, hike up on the caffeine beforehand.

As part of the band's Stay Home series, the single was finished up by members Alan Kasameyer and Jose Colmenares in their Waikoloa Village hometown. This d.i.y. production works in El Sancho's favor, as less professional tweaking makes for truer punk rock vibes. The vocals have a "live" sound to them, and the overall mix screams, "jam with us." This band is the real deal, and I can see why audiences connect with them so well.

Be sure to listen to "Permanent Record" and download it on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, and other platforms.

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Alisha Peru

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