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As We Learn Amanda Cooksey’s Name, She Forgets His On Single ‘What’s His Name?’

2019 was a huge year for Florida-born, Nashville-claimed Amanda Cooksey. Her two single releases, the dreamy ‘All The Right Things’ and the boppy ‘Yo Mama’, both smashed the 100k streams on Spotify and were favorites on Radio Disney Country and she also started collaborating and writing with some music industry heavyweights including fellow Nashville based songwriters of Grammy acclaim.

Earlier this month, Cooksey served up ‘What’s His Name’. Following suit to ‘All The Right Things’ and ‘Yo Mama’, Cooksey leans into her cocktail of country-pop sound reminiscent of country sweethearts Taylor Swift, Colbie Cailat, Miranda Lambert, and Carrie Underwood. Cooksey’s vocals are honey-sweet with an undeniable allure which is very evident in this breakup anthem.

Her attack on the opening ‘we don’t say that word around here no more’ with a heavy accent on the ‘more’ is pronounced with a Charlie XCX ‘Boys’ staccato feel with tinny marching drum beats to underscore. She then flows into a playful verse with gorgeous control over her vocal lines sitting upon juicy synths, rolling guitars, and bouncing piano.

Honestly, Taylor Swift circa Fearless and Speak Now would have been frothing over this track. In fact, the spoken bridge (with the added cheeky spelling) of ‘K I guess I did forget about…uhhhhh’ gives off major ‘I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now, why? Oh ‘cause she’s dead’ energy, sinking into the backdrop of the tune for a brief second. Bounding back into the chorus, Amanda Cooksey rounds out a refreshing breakup song!

You can tell not too many chefs were in the kitchen for this Cooksey delight! It’s a simple yet effective use of pop structures with a generous sway to country class. The execution is a real treat for the ears.

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