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8 Musicians/Bands to look out for in Central Texas

Updated: Mar 19

In the middle of the Texas plains, you have Central Texas, more known for the Waco Seige and Chip n' Joanne Gaines. You have a Bustling music scene, Rooted in Texas Country Music, but caught right in between Austin, Dallas, and Houston... Feeding plenty of opportunities to play live music (When there isn't a Global pandemic going on) and not run the risk of over-saturating themselves.

Since I just recently moved to Waco, months before a global pandemic. I have had the opportunity to chat with many of these musicians, Work with some and listen to all of their music. I am really excited to introduce y'all to some of my favorite artists I've worked with and some new musicians I have not met in person.

1. Baxley - Killeen, TX.

Baxley is a band I have never seen play live but I hear a lot of really good things about them and after listening to Baxley's music I completely get it. This super talented artist that extends beyond the limits of a single genre is returning to music after, a possible career-ending Vocal Chord Surgery.

Kirk Baxley returns to music receiving high praise from acts like Asking Alexandria. Even in the middle of a pandemic, Baxley hits the ground running with a brand new single after releasing a full album in 2019 and doesn't look to be slowing down.

Already in working on new music, that Baxley claims is Rockin, 2020 does not appear to be slowing down. I am excited to have learned

about this band and cant wait to see where they go from here.

With music that connects in a real and authentic way, the sky is the limit.

Follow Baxley:

Facebook: @iambaxley

Twitter: @iambaxleymusic

Instagram: @iambaxleymusic


2. Lilly and the Implements - Temple, TX.

Lilly and the implements are one of those bands that just go out and play. THe have a pure love for the art form and no matter what's going on will continue to play music. I think that's what drew me to them after finding some music on youtube and Soundcloud. Lead singer Lilly Milford drives the band with an awesome sound.

What I really admire about this band is their casual and slow cook approach to the music business and when they finally get to where they want to be the juice is going to be so much sweeter. They are a homegrown Texas band that plays some kick-ass rock music.

With the new single, "If I Go Away" available on SoundCloud and a Full-Length album waiting in the wings. 2020 and 2021 is going to be a break out time especially once venues are able to open back up.

Follow Lilly and the Implements:

Facebook: Lilly and the Implements


3. Taylor Branch & The Lonestar Ramblers - Gatesville, TX.

Coming straight out of the Tiny prison town of Gatesville, TX. Taylor Branch & The Lonestar ramblers bring a rocking sound to the country genre. While listening to their music you can tell they put on a high energy show, playing songs that tell stories. This group of childhood friends started playing original music in 2017 and in 2019 they recorded some live music.

This is another band I have not seen play live yet, but I know with shows starting to happen and venues opening back up. It will be only a matter of time before I see them play live, but when you have several people touting about them It's kinda hard to leave them off a list like this.