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03/17/23 - Well lets book that show

Today is the 3rd day of The Purple People Eaters' first tour, and it's been quite a rollercoaster ride so far. Last night, we were supposed to have our second show of the tour, but unfortunately, the venue went out of business. We were all pretty bummed out about it, but we decided to use the time to explore the city and get to know each other better.

Since today was supposed to be our off day in West Texas. We're determined to make up for lost time. We spent the morning scouting for potential venues, and we finally found one that looks promising. It's a small club, but it has a great vibe, and the owner seems really excited about having us play there tonight.

After securing the venue, we spent the rest of the day rehearsing and fine-tuning our setlist. We want to make sure we give our audience the best show possible and leave a lasting impression on them. It's nerve-wracking playing in a new city for the first time, but we're all pumped and ready to give it our all.

As we load up our gear and head over to the club, I can feel the excitement building. It's been a bumpy start to the tour, but I have a feeling that tonight's show is going to be epic. We're all wearing our best purple outfits, and we're ready to rock West Texas. Here's to hoping for a great turnout and a fantastic show!

Until next time,

The Purple People Eaters.

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