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03/15/23 - Well that was Fun #Tourlife

Updated: Mar 19

This morning was a complete shock to the system. Last night, my band, The Purple People Eaters, played our first ever show on tour, and it was a huge success. We were feeling good and excited for the rest of the tour. However, things took a dramatic turn when we woke up this morning. We were packing up our gear and getting ready to hit the road when a guy burst into our hotel room, yelling and screaming at us. It turns out he was the boyfriend of one of the groupies who had been at our show last night. He accused us of "stealing" her and threatened us with physical harm. We tried to explain that we had no idea she was in a relationship, and we had no intention of causing any trouble. But he wouldn't listen. He kept getting more and more agitated, and it was clear that he wasn't going to back down. Thankfully, the hotel security intervened and got him out of our room. But the whole experience left us shaken and uneasy. We never expected anything like this to happen on tour, and we didn't know how to handle it. As we hit the road and headed to our next show, we couldn't help but feel a bit uneasy. We didn't want to cause any trouble or hurt anyone, but we also didn't want to live in fear or have our shows disrupted by angry boyfriends. All we could do was try to move forward and focus on our music. We hoped that our shows would continue to bring people joy and that we could avoid any further drama or danger. Until next time,

The Purple People Eaters

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