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03/15/23 - Did that really just happen?

Updated: Mar 19

After everything transpired this morning things got wilder. We were driving around in search of a good place to eat when we were stopped by a homeless hippie on the street. He was carrying a guitar and looked like he had been living on the streets for a while.

At first, we didn't think much of it. We assumed he just wanted some spare change or a cigarette. But as we started to walk away, he started following us and playing his guitar loudly. We tried to politely decline his offer to play music for us, but he persisted.

Before we knew it, he had us cornered in an alleyway, playing his guitar and singing loudly. People started to gather around, and we felt trapped. But then, something amazing happened. The homeless hippie started playing one of our songs, and he was actually pretty good.

We couldn't help but laugh and join in, and soon we were all singing and playing together. It was a truly surreal experience, but it felt like we had made a connection with this stranger on the street.

After the impromptu jam session, the homeless hippie thanked us and wandered off down the street. We were left standing there, feeling a little bit stunned by what had just happened.

It's moments like these that remind us why we started playing music in the first place. We never know who we'll meet or what kind of adventures we'll have on this tour, but we're excited to find out.

Until next time,

The Purple People Eaters

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